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Thinking of Franchising Your Business?

Sunday June 1, 2014

If you're thinking of franchising your business or are an existing franchisor looking to improve the performance of your franchise system or your relationship with your existing franchisees, MSA Worldwide has a proven track record, experience, and capabilities to help you meet your goals. Working with MSA to structure your franchise system, evaluate your existing franchise offering and capabilities, and developing your support programs and change strategies and tactics will ensure your franchise system's long-term, consistent and sustainable growth.

Our diverse clients range from well-established brands to regional start-ups. Whether you are an emerging brand or an established franchisor, we offer each client the personalized franchise consulting they need for determining the best course of action for their unique business. Read more...

How do you spot a franchise opportunity to avoid?

Sunday June 1, 2014

With hundreds of superior franchise opportunities available today, there is no reason to settle for less than the best opportunity in your investment range. You can protect yourself from franchise scams, but there is no single indicator to look for. Conduct a proper due diligence and weigh all of the indicators in making your assessment.

How is it possible for franchise scams to exist? Partly it has to do with the ease of legally becoming a franchisor. But it also is made possible because potential franchisees sometimes invest in these "opportunities" before they do their homework. Read more...

The 2014 International Franchise Exposition

Sunday May 18, 2014

June 19-21, 2014, New York City

The International Franchise Expo (IFE) is one of the largest franchise expositions in the world and will again be held in New York City from June 19th to the 21st at the Javits Center. This is a keystone event for anyone looking to invest in a franchise or learn how to become a franchisor.

The expo will highlight 450+ companies that can provide you with information on becoming a franchisee. Walk around, meet some of the most successful franchisors in the world, and discuss with them whether their franchise is right for you and your family. There is no other opportunity in New York that brings the breadth of franchise opportunities under one roof and allows you to meet and get to know them personally.

Read more (including discount registration link)

Albert Singer: not the first franchisor?

Thursday April 24, 2014

Most articles about the history of franchising still claim that "Albert Singer" was the first commercial franchisor in the United States. But as it turns out, John "Albert" Singer was only seven or eight years old when his father, Isaac Merritt Singer, founded the I.M. Singer & Company in 1851.

Isaac Merritt Singer was a colorful character with a scandalous private life who clearly revolutionized the world and how we conduct business today... but he was also not the first franchisor. Read more about him at http://franchises.about.com/od/franchisebasics/fl/Albert-Singer.htm

So who was the first franchisor in the United States, if it wasn't I.M. Singer? Some claim it was Martha Matilda Harper, who pioneered the Harper Method Shop salon franchise system near the end of the 19th century. But in fact, the title of first franchisor on these shores predates our independence and is held by none other than... Benjamin Franklin. For a surprising history of modern franchising, read http://franchises.about.com/od/franchisebasics/fl/The-History-of-Franchising.htm

Little Caesar's Continues to Give Back

Monday October 22, 2012

The Little Caesars pizza chain, in connection with its commitment to charity, in its native Detroit and elsewhere, has been busy lately.  This week, the Little Caesars Love Kitchen donated 130 large pizzas to a soup kitchen in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The Love Kitchen has done things like this to build on its record as a pizza-based version of the American Red Cross' disaster relief efforts, typified by coffee and donuts.

The chain has also created the "pizza cone kit," allowing the buyer to make a cross between a pizza slice and an ice cream cone, with their own choice of toppings, which in this case would instead be fillings.  These pizza cones are being demonstrated at schools, churches, and youth sporting events.  All the proceeds from these demonstration sales are going to charity.

Little Caesars founder Mike Ilitch grew up in the Great Depression, and in spite of his vast wealth, has seen his hometown struggle, and has not forgotten what it was like to do so himself.  He has worked for decades to help lift the people of Detroit, and elsewhere, out of difficulty, and to provide good food at the same time.  Read more about him: http://franchises.about.com/od/m/a/Mike-Ilitch-Biography.htm

Bennigan's Comes Back

Friday October 12, 2012

After going into bankruptcy, and nearly out of business entirely, in 2008, Bennigan's is attempting a comeback.  The former giant of casual dining had been beaten into the ground by competitors and the financial-market meltdown, but has begun to open new restaurants all over the continental United States.

This follows a measure of international success.  There are currently 11 Bennigan's outlets in South Korea, 6 in Mexico, 3 in the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus, and individual outlets in the Bahamas, El Salvador, Panama, India and Bahrain.  These appear to have kept the company afloat while it restructures itself domestically.

Bennigan's is not the only restaurant chain to reach the brink of disaster, nor the only one to come back from the brink.  Read more here: http://franchises.about.com/od/m/a/Famous-Restaurant-Bankruptcies.htm

Brinker International Shows Tremendous Growth

Friday October 5, 2012

Brinker International has been growing by leaps and bounds.  According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, its profit increased by 76 percent over the last year.  A recent divided yielded 2.2 percent, and total revenue for its fiscal year was $784.5 million.

Their Chili's brand has had 5 consecutive quarters of sales increases, and their Maggiano's brand has had 10.  They are projecting growth of nearly 20 percent for fiscal year 2013, and nearly 14 percent for fiscal year 2014.

This would have pleased their founder, Norman Brinker, who is considered the founding father of casual dining for his establishment of Steak and Ale and his development of Bennigan's and Chili's, the latter being the cornerstone of the company that bears his name.  Read more about him: http://franchises.about.com/od/mostpopularfranchises/a/Norman-Brinker-Biography.htm

Domino's Pizza Opens 10,000th Store

Friday September 28, 2012

Domino's Pizza opened its 10,000th store on September 27, 2012.  Like most American fast-food giants reaching a milestone in store openings, the one that put them over the top was not in the U.S.  It was in Istanbul, Turkey, home to over 13 million people and, as a multicultural Mediterranean city that has been influenced by Italy, open to the idea of Italian and Italian-style food such as pizza.

The milestone store is one of over 250 that Domino's has opened in Turkey.  Having expanded to many other nations, with particular success in Mexico, Britain, India and Australia, Domino's gets about $7 billion, roughly half its total sales from outside the U.S.

Domino's domino logo has three dots, for the three stores that founder Tom Monaghan had when he designed it.  By the time he sold the company in 1998, it already had over 1,500 locations outside the U.S.  Read more about the man who founded this iconic company: http://franchises.about.com/od/mostpopularfranchises/a/Tom-Monaghan-Biography.htm

Boston Market Cuts Down On Salt

Wednesday September 19, 2012

Boston Market is cutting out the salt.  The fast-casual chain has announced that it will no longer provide salt shakers at their tables - while keeping the pepper shakers - and that it will be reducing the salt in its chicken, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes by 20 percent.


Ordering a "quarter white," with the two side items being mac and cheese and mashed potatoes, has a total of 2,630 milligrams of salt.  Under this reduction plan, that total will be reduced to 2,055 milligrams.  In order to keep these items flavorful, the salt will be replaced with garlic and herbs, which studies show aid in heart health, of which salt literally gets in the way.


Boston Market's effort to make its food healthier is in line with its origins.  The company, under the name Boston Chicken, first rose to prominence by offering gourmet-store-style fresh food at the speed of fast food, with a price closer to fast food than to the gourmet store.  Read more: http://franchises.about.com/od/mostpopularfranchises/a/History-Of-Boston-Market.htm

Tim Hortons, Icon of Charity

Wednesday September 12, 2012

Tim Hortons, the donut and coffee chain founded by the Hall of Fame Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman of the same name, is not only Canada's most familiar fast food company, is also one of the country's leading donors to charity.  This past May, they donated $25,000 to Windsor Regional Hospital, in the Ontario city across the Detroit River from the American city of Detroit, to help keep the hospital's healing gardens open.


Company co-founder Ron Joyce founded the Tim Horton Children's Foundation in 1974, establishing summer camps for at-risk children in Canada's cities.  All of their camps are accommodating to children with disabilities, and covers costs for the children's parents, including transportation.


Tim Hortons got into the position to offer such charity by becoming a national, and now a continental, icon in less than half a century.  Read more about the stunning growth of this company.  http://franchises.about.com/od/mostpopularfranchises/a/History-Of-Tim-Hortons.htm

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