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Franchise Books & Resources

There is a lot to learn about the franchise industry. Learning exactly how franchising works will help you to make a final decision on whether or not to buy a franchise. There are many franchise books and resources that can help you.

Franchising for Dummies
Franchising for Dummies is a great book for an individual interested in buying a franchise. Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's will show you how to make franchising work for you.

The Franchise Times Guide to Selecting, Buying, and Owning a Franchise
The Franchise Times Guide to Selecting, Buying, and Owning a Franchise Book offers tips on everything from hiring and marketing to financing your franchise or leasing a retail space.

The Franchise Handbook
The Franchise Handbook lists hundreds of franchise companies alphabetically and by industry. Each listing includes a description of the franchise, company address, contact name and phone number as well as the franchise fee, capital requirements, number of franchises, training offered and other pertinent information.

Franchise Times Magazine
Franchise Times magazine provides franchisees and franchisors with reliable information and resources for building and growing their franchise businesses.

Streetwise Achieving Wealth Through Franchising
Streetwise Achieving Wealth Through Franchising provides all the necessary information you need to become a successful franchisee.

Business Plan Software - Palo Alto Business Plan Pro Software
Need help writing your franchise business plan? Business Plan Pro is software that creates your business plan. It also includes a business planning package that will help you improve and grow your business or franchise.

Five Must-Read Franchise Books
Five Must-Read Books About Getting Started in Franchising

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