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Selecting a Franchise – Learn More About Franchising


With so many choices out there, selecting a franchise can be a very difficult task. There are many different franchise ownership opportunities and many different franchise industries from which to choose.
  1. Franchising 101
  2. What Kind of Franchise Should I Buy?
  3. Different Franchise Ownership Opportunities
  4. Different Franchise Options
  5. Using a Franchise Broker

Franchising 101

Before you buy a franchise, you should learn more about the history of franchising and the basics of the franchise world. Consider this your Franchise 101 class.

What Kind of Franchise Should I Buy?

Deciding which franchise to buy is the most important part of the franchise buying process. Once you sign a franchise agreement and make your investment there is no turning back.

Different Franchise Ownership Opportunities

There are many different types of franchise ownership opportunities. You may choose to become a multi-unit franchise owner, an area developer, or you may decide to buy an existing franchise. Each ownership opportunity has its own unique responsibilities.

Different Franchise Options

There are many different types of franchises to choose from. Be sure to carefully select the one that fits you best.

Using a Franchise Broker

For those who have never owned a franchise before, a franchise broker can assist you in identifying which franchise may be a good fit. They can also help you get a deeper understanding of different types of franchises.

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