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The Basics of Franchising

So you are considering opening your own business? Is buying a franchise the way to go? Learn the basics of franchising including many franchise terms and many topics related to opening a franchise.

Franchises for Women
Franchises for women and women in a franchising role.

Franchise Marketing
Most franchisors have comprehensive marketing plans in place for the overall franchise. Learn more about the marketing the franchise offers.

Franchise Ongoing Support
When a franchisee invests in a franchise there is typically a structured ongoing franchise support system already in place by the franchisor. The franchisor intends to provide continuous assistance to all franchisees within the organization.

Franchise Training Programs
Franchise training programs are a very important part of a franchise system. The initial franchise training allows the franchisee to learn the operations of the business quickly and easily.

Franchises have an Established Corporate Image and Brand Awareness
Most franchises have a well established corporate image in addition to customer brand awareness.

A Franchise is a Turnkey Business
Is a franchise really considered a turnkey business? It seems to good to be true, are there really turnkey franchise opportunities out there?

What is the Difference between a Franchise and a Business Opportunity
There are many different franchises and business opportunities to choose from. Discover the difference between these two types of investments.

Franchises for Moms
Franchises for moms and part-time franchise opportunities perfect for moms. The number of moms involved in franchising has significantly increased over recent years.

Franchise Territories - Protecting your Franchise Territory
Learn about protecting your franchise territory. Although franchises provide this exclusive territory for their franchisees, it is important to ensure that there are no misunderstandings about the particulars of your territory. How can you protect yourself?

About the International Franchise Association
Learn more about the International Franchise Association. The IFA is the largest and oldest global franchising organization.

The History of Franchising
The history of franchising. Learn about the history of franchises. The term 'franchising' derived from ancient French, is defined as holding a particular privilege or right.

What is a Franchise?
Franchising began back in the 1850's when Isaac Singer invented the sewing machine. Today, franchising is helping thousands of individuals be their own boss and own and operate their own business. Franchising allows entrepreneurs to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves.

The Role of the Franchisee
Learn the role of the franchisee and the responsibilities required to run your franchise. The franchisee in a franchise system has many responsibilities.

How Much Does a Franchise Cost?
Every franchise has its own financial requirements, so costs to start a franchise are different for every franchise company. There are some common costs that all franchisees will have. Here is a list of 6 common costs to open a franchise.

Franchise Royalties
What are franchise royalties? Part of a franchisee’s ongoing expense typically includes regular royalty payments to the franchisor. Learn more about how these franchise royalty payments work and why they are important.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Franchise
Buying a franchise can be a life-changing experience. There are many reasons why you should fulfill your dream of becoming your own boss and open a franchise. The following reasons to buy a franchise will help you to understand why it will be a great investment.

Advantages of Franchising
So you think you want to buy a franchise but you’re not so sure it would be the right choice. After all, why should you spend a premium on a big name when you can just duplicate their efforts? Learn the 5 advantages of franchising.

From Employee to Franchisee: Making the Transition
From employee to franchisee, making the transition. Should I quit my job an open a franchise? There are a variety of reasons that may lead to a transition from a traditional job to the operation of a franchise.

The Difference between a Single Unit and Multi-Unit Franchise Owner
The difference between a single unit and multi-unit franchise owner. Learn the differences between the two and if you qualify to be a multi-unit franchise owner.

What is a Master Franchisee?
What is a master franchisee? Learn about master franchising which allows people or corporations to purchase the rights to sub-franchise within a certain territory. The idea allows the master franchisee the opportunity to grow a decent business in a fairly short timeframe.

What is an Area Developer?
What is a franchise area developer? Learn about the rights and responsibilities of an area developer of a franchise. There are many advantages to becoming an area developer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Franchising
The International Franchise Association tackles the 19 most commonly asked questions about franchising.

IFA University - Free Introduction to Franchising Course
The International Franchise Association (IFA) offers this comprehensive course to help you "investigate before investing". Franchising is an excellent way to go into business for yourself but not by yourself. This online course is absolutely free.

How to Enjoy Your Work
Is it possible to enjoy your job? There are many rewarding franchise opportunities that allow you to enjoy your career while making a great income.

Turning Your Successful Business into a Franchise
Turning Your Successful Business into a Franchise

The Top 5 Signs You Aren’t a Born Entrepreneur
The Top 5 Signs You Aren’t a Born Entrepreneur. There are two types of entrepreneurs: those who were born to own a business, and those who weren’t. If you weren’t, that doesn’t mean you lack professional potential; it just indicates you should allow your abilities to be utilized by an employer instead (there’s a reason some companies call their...

How to Save Energy as a Small Business
Save money on energy bills with these six tricks.

Product Placement at Its Worst: McDonald's in Mac and Me
At its best, product placement feels natural, and viewers notice the products but not the promotion. At its worst, you have McDonald's in Mac and Me.

What All Small Business Owners can Learn from the Instagram Deal
Lessons and advice from Facebook's $1 billion purchase of startup Instagram.

Franchise Basics
When starting a franchise or small business opportunity, consider the work hours. What to expect in terms of workday schedule in a few common franchise areas.

Franchise Fees and Royalties
What franchise fees and royalties are used for, and how much franchisees pay on average.

Albert Singer
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Training New Franchisees
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Growing Your Franchise Field Support
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