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The Basics of Franchising

Are you considering opening your own business? Is investing in a franchise the way to go? Learn the basics of franchising, including its terms, definitions and history.

MSA Seminars at 2014 International Franchise Expo, Javits Center, NYC
MSA will conduct several seminars for emerging and established franchisors at the 2014 International Franchise Expo in New York, June 19-21, 2014.

What is a Franchise?
Franchising has roots in ancient China, but modern franchising dates back to 1731, when Benjamin Franklin entered into a "co-partnership" agreement.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Franchise
Buying a franchise can be a life-changing experience. As with any business, some franchise investments will be hugely successful, some will be outright failures, and there are those that will fall somewhere in the middle.

Franchising Fundamentals Basic principles to know
Franchising doesnt include any guarantees for success, but it works best when you understand and accept some basic principles about the concept.

How Much Does a Franchise Cost?
Each franchise has its own financial requirements, but there are some common costs that all franchisees will have. Learn where to find the information.

Franchise or Business Opportunity? Making the choice
On the surface they may seem similar, but business opportunities (Biz Ops) and franchises are quite different.

How do you spot a franchise opportunity to avoid?
Selecting the right franchise is important. But avoiding the franchise scams is essential. Learn how.

What Does a Franchise Consultant Do?
Knowing how to distinguish a qualified franchise consultant from a one-size-fits-all packager can mean the difference between success and failure.

Common Franchising Terms
A glossary of generally accepted terms commonly used in franchising. These definitions are not meant as legal definitions, but rather a consumer guide.

Is Every Franchise Going to Be a Success?
Be careful when investigating franchise opportunities, and also examine whether you are more cut out to be a franchisee or to start your own business.

The History of Franchising
The history of franchising. Learn about the history of franchises.

Franchise Relationship Structures

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Franchisee
The major advantages and disadvantages of investing into a franchise system.

How to Understand a Franchisor's Financial Performance Representation
Understanding the importance and limitations of Financial Performance Representations when evaluating a franchise investment.

The Franchise Disclosure Document
Understanding the Franchise Disclosure Document and the disclosures required by the FTC is essential in developing your franchise system.

Understanding the Franchise Agreement
Study your Franchise Agreement thoroughly before signing on the dotted line... it is not the same thing as the FDD, and is a legally binding contract.

If You Are Thinking Of Franchising Your Business
Franchising your existing business. MSA Worldwide is the leading franchise advisory firm to assist you in developing a franchise system.

The 2014 International Franchise Exposition
The International Franchise Expo is one of the largest franchise expos in the world and will be held in NYC June 19th-21, 2014 at the Javits Center.

Growing Your Franchise Field Support
Field Consultant, Franchisee Support, Franchisee Training, Franchisee Manuals, Start Up Assistance, Compliance Visits, Marla Rosner, MSA Worldwide

About the International Franchise Association (IFA)
The IFA is the oldest and largest global franchising organization. Its membership includes over 1,300 franchisors, 10,000 franchisees, and 600 related firms.

International Franchise Association Statement of Guiding Principles
This Statement of Principles is part of the IFA's continuing effort to advance improvements in franchise practices and to enhance franchise relations.

Franchise Royalties
What are franchise royalties? Part of a franchisee's ongoing expense typically includes regular royalty payments to the franchisor. Learn more about how these franchise royalty payments work and why they are important.

Franchises have an Established Corporate Image and Brand Awareness
Most franchises have a well established corporate image in addition to customer brand awareness.

Are You Ready to Be a Franchisee?
Only you can determine whether becoming a franchisee is right for you. Here are three major preliminary questions to ask yourself.

Start-Up Costs - Determining your initial franchise investment
Having sufficient capital just to get open is usually not sufficient. Franchise owners also need working capital to keep the business up and running until it begins to support itself.

Franchise Territories - Protecting your Franchise Territory
Learn about protecting your franchise territory. Although franchises provide this exclusive territory for their franchisees, it is important to ensure that there are no misunderstandings about the particulars of your territory. How can you protect yourself?

Franchising Basics
Before you invest in a franchise, you should learn more about the history of franchising and the basics of the franchising world.

The Role of the Franchisee
Learn the role of the franchisee and the responsibilities required to run your franchise. The franchisee in a franchise system has many responsibilities.

For Franchisees
Essential information for those considering buying a franchise, and for new franchisees.

For Franchisors
Developing a sustainable franchising system requires a similar discipline needed for starting any new business venture - and more.

From Employee to Franchisee: Making the Transition
From employee to franchisee, making the transition.

Frequently Asked Questions About Franchising
The International Franchise Association tackles the 19 most commonly asked questions about franchising.

IFA University - Free Introduction to Franchising Course
The International Franchise Association (IFA) offers this comprehensive course to help you "investigate before investing". Franchising is an excellent way to go into business for yourself but not by yourself. This online course is absolutely free.

Franchise Fees and Royalties
What franchise fees and royalties are used for, and how much franchisees pay on average.

Training New Franchisees
Franchisee Training, New Franchisees, MSA Worldwide, IFA, International Franchise Association, Operations Manual, distance learning

Benjamin Franklin - Inventor, Statesman, Printer, Franchisor, Philanthropist
Did you know that Benjamin Franklin created the first modern "co-partnership" business agreement in 1731? Learn more about the Father of Franchising on these shores.


Area Development Agreements: Pros and Cons
Many franchisors have increased their use of Area Development Agreements to expand their franchise systems; but an ADA can be a double-edged sword.

Training Tips for Franchisees
As a franchisee, training your employees is essential. Avoid common pitfalls by following these three basic training tips.

Albert Singer
Albert Singer, Singer Sewing Machines, First Franchisor, 1851, IFA, International Franchise Association, Martha Matilda Harper

Finding the Right Candidate - Profiling in Franchise Recruitment, Part One
Selecting franchise candidates purely on financial qualifications is a short-sighted strategy. Learn how to profile franchise candidates to build a thriving franchise system.

Franchise Marketing
Most franchisors have comprehensive marketing plans in place for the overall franchise. Learn more about the marketing the franchise offers.

Franchise Training Programs
Franchise training programs are a very important part of a franchise system. The initial franchise training allows the franchisee to learn the operations of the business quickly and easily.

What is a Franchise Broker: Why you dont have to go it alone
Franchise brokers help those interested in franchise ownership find a business concept that aligns with the clients personal and professional goals and lifestyle.

Calendar of Franchise Meetings and Conferences
A calendar of upcoming franchise meetings and conferences for 2014 and 2015.

Union Challenges to the Franchising Industry
Facing shrinking membership, U.S. labor unions are now challenging the franchising model of independent businesses.

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