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Franchise Ongoing Support


When a franchisee invests in a franchise there is typically a structured support system already in place by the franchisor. The franchisor intends to provide continuous assistance to all franchisees within the organization.

Scheduled contacts to the franchisee are made by specified personnel with regards to marketing, technology, and any training that is needed. Additionally, the franchisee can connect with the main office at any time as questions or concerns arise.

Ongoing Support from other Franchisees

Besides the structured ongoing support from the franchisors, franchisees also sustain each other on a continuous basis. They can contact each other to see if other franchisees have had similar experience in any particular area and to find out how a situation was handled. They can also run ideas by each other.

Franchise Support vs. Business Opportunity Support

Although some other types of business opportunities may offer ongoing support, the support is usually only provided as business owners make requests. There is typically not a formal system in place to contact the business owner on a regular basis. Therefore franchise support is thought of as much more solid.

What to Look for in a Franchise Support System

Before signing on with a particular franchise, a potential franchisee should first be certain to understand the type of support that the franchisor provides. A few good ways to find this information out is by checking the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), speaking with the franchisor, and also touching base with other existing franchisees.

In addition to the ongoing support already mentioned, many franchisors hold annual meetings with their franchisees. During these gatherings growth is evaluated as well as earnings. This is also a good time to share any concerns and to examine any new thoughts regarding the business. Strategic planning may also be part of the meetings.

On the whole, the comprehensive franchise support system is designed to strengthen business success for both the franchisee and the franchisor. Franchisees can be certain that they are not flying solo knowing they have the franchisor behind them.

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