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Franchise Glossary

If you are thinking about taking the journey into franchising you should know all the common franchise terms. Learn all you need to know about franchising with our franchise glossary.

Angel Investor
What is an Angel Investor?

Designated Supplier
Definition of a designated supplier for a franchise.

Discovery Day
Definition of a discovery day for a franchise.

Earnings Claims
Definition of earnings claims as it is used in franchising.

Federal Trade Commission
What is the FTC's role in franchising?

Franchise Agreement
What is a franchise agreement? Definition of a franchise agreement.

Franchise Broker
Definition of a franchise broker. What exactly does a franchise broker do?

Franchise Disclosure Document
What is a Franchise Disclosure Document?

Franchise Fee
Definition of a franchise fee as it is used in franchising.

Definition of a franchise.

Definition of a franchisee as it is used in the franchise industry.

Definition of a franchisor as it is used in the franchise industry.

Gross Sales
Definition of gross sales as it is used in franchising.

Master Franchise
Definition of Master Franchise.

Multi-Unit Franchise
Definition of Multi-Unit Franchise.

Royalty Fee
Definition of a royalty fee as it is used in franchising.

Single Unit Franchise
Single Unit Franchise Definition.

Uniform Franchise Offering Circular
What is a Uniform Franchise Offering Circular?

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