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The About.com Franchise Directory contains the corporate address, phone number, web site and other contact information for all franchise opportunities. You can contact the franchise company directly.
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MSA Seminars at 2014 International Franchise Expo, Javits Center, NYC
MSA will conduct several seminars for emerging and established franchisors at the 2014 International Franchise Expo in New York, June 19-21, 2014.

Franchising Fundamentals Basic principles to know
Franchising doesnt include any guarantees for success, but it works best when you understand and accept some basic principles about the concept.

Franchise or Business Opportunity? Making the choice
On the surface they may seem similar, but business opportunities (Biz Ops) and franchises are quite different.

What Kind of Franchise is Right for Me?
There are thousands of franchise opportunities to choose from. With over a hundred different franchise categories available, finding the right franchise can be a very difficult task.

Is Every Franchise Going to Be a Success?
Be careful when investigating franchise opportunities, and also examine whether you are more cut out to be a franchisee or to start your own business.

Evaluating a Franchisor's Services
Don’t rely on a franchisor’s outside sales broker or even an inside salesperson as your only source of information about the franchise’s services.

Franchise Relationship Structures

Buying an Existing Franchise
Buying an existing franchise is a great way to become a franchisee, but as with any investment, you need to do your homework and due diligence.

Steps to Take After You Choose Your Franchise
Steps to take after you choose a franchise. Once you have chosen which franchise is right for you, your job has just started. The process of investigating and buying a franchise should be done very carefully.

What is a Franchise Broker: Why you dont have to go it alone
Franchise brokers help those interested in franchise ownership find a business concept that aligns with the clients personal and professional goals and lifestyle.

Requirements to Open a McDonalds Restaurant
McDonald’s is still accepting franchisee applications, but in the United States most franchisees will enter the system by purchasing an existing restaurant.

What is a Franchise?
Franchising, Franchisee, Franchisor, brand, buying franchise, franchising basics

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