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The About.com Franchise Directory contains the corporate address, phone number, web site and other contact information for all franchise opportunities. You can contact the franchise company directly.

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What Kind of Franchise is Right for Me?
There are thousands of franchise opportunities to choose from. With over a hundred different franchise categories available, finding the right franchise can be a very difficult task.

Steps to Take After You Choose Your Franchise
Steps to take after you choose a franchise. Once you have chosen which franchise is right for you, your job has just started. The process of investigating and buying a franchise should be done very carefully.

The Difference between a Single Unit and Multi-Unit Franchise Owner
The difference between a single unit and multi-unit franchise owner. Learn the differences between the two and if you qualify to be a multi-unit franchise owner.

Franchise Consultants
Franchise consultant and franchise broker list. If you are considering buying a franchise and need assistance we suggest you contact one of these franchise consulting companies.

Most Popular Food Franchises and How Much They Cost
We have compiled a list of the most popular food franchises and the costs involved to open each one.

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