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Buying a Franchise - The Franchise Buying Process


Buying a franchise is a life-changing experience. After you have chosen the franchise you want to invest in, you need to make sure you review all the legal agreements and understand all the responsibilities you are about to take on.
  1. The Franchise Buying Process
  2. Should I Use an Attorney to Buy My Franchise?
  3. Obtaining Financing to Buy a Franchise
  4. Your Franchise Business Plan

The Franchise Buying Process

Once you have chosen a franchise company and are ready to move forward, you should thoroughly review the company before you make your investment.

Should I Use an Attorney to Buy My Franchise?

If you are considering buying a franchise, it is strongly recommended you receive the guidance of a qualified franchise attorney.

Obtaining Financing to Buy a Franchise

You will need cash on hand for build-out costs and marketing for your franchise. You will also need enough money to support yourself and your family for the first year or two. You will most likely need to find financing or a franchise loan to cover the costs of opening your franchise.

Your Franchise Business Plan

An essential part of any franchise is its business plan. Whether you are asking a family member for a loan or your local bank for financing, both will most likely want to review your business plan.

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