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Franchise Training Programs


Why do Franchisors provide Training Programs?

The main reason that franchisors provide training programs to franchisees as part of the deal is to ensure that all franchises are operated in an identical fashion according to the already proven system that the franchisor has created.

The initial training also allows the franchisee to learn the operations of the business quickly and easily. Franchisors usually provide additional training throughout the franchisee's tenure as well.

Where and when is the Training Conducted?

The program typically takes place at one of the existing franchise locations or at the franchisor's corporate headquarters. Training can last anywhere between one and four weeks and is conducted at some point before the franchisee begins his or her business.

What you should look for with regard to Franchise Training Before signing on the dotted line, franchisees should study the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to determine if the franchise offers a complete training program.

It is also wise to speak with existing franchisees to find out how well prepared they felt as they started their franchises. Speaking with other franchisees who participated in the same type of training program can provide the most beneficial information.

Also, franchisees should not hesitate to ask the franchisor questions about the training program.

Type of Franchise Training

A strong franchise training program should include everything that a franchisee needs to know about the product or service. It should provide information on how equipment and supplies are obtained.

Additionally, the training should outline anything the franchisee needs to know with regard to finding the proper real estate, as well as leases and building plans, if this is not already in place.

Human resource information as far as hiring and managing employees should also be provided.

A reference manual to take back to the franchise is also typically part of the training package. However, it is helpful for franchisees to ask as many questions as necessary during the initial training and put together some of their own notes for future reference.

It is important to note that franchisors are not necessarily seeking out potential franchisees with the particular industry experience that they are providing. Many times they would prefer to start fresh with franchisees that come to the table with a clean slate so that it will be easier for them to follow the business plan already in place.

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