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Multi-Unit Franchise


Definition: Multi-unit franchising creates the opportunity for a franchisee to open more than one unit. In this case, multiple units are sometimes sold at a reduced rate per unit.

In this type of operation, the franchisee partakes less in the day-to-day operations of the unit. Instead, the multi-unit franchisee manages all the locations at a higher level. Usually the franchisee will hire managers and staff for each location to perform the daily operations.

This type of franchising is not typically limited to a particular area. Therefore, the franchisee may have several units located in different parts of a town, or even in other countries.

Although the initial total investment is higher than opening a single unit franchise, the risk is sometimes lower for the franchisee. Owning more units can increase the overall probability of success. Also, the multi-unit franchisee is likely to have more input with the franchisor, creating a win-win situation on both sides.

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