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Interview with Christina Vitagliano, Founder of Monster Mini Golf - Page 2


Monster Mini Golf Franchise
What are your growth expectations for Monster Mini Golf Franchise over the next 5 years, and how will this make Monster Mini Golf more attractive to potential franchisees?

We would like to be large enough that our name is recognized everywhere and well. As long as we stay ahead of the game with cool ideas and unique marketing, I think that will always make us attractive. And most importantly, Patrick and I meet and sit with each and every potential franchisee. We do not have a Franchise Salesperson. Our concept is very important to us and those we select, among other things, need to have a certain spark for the concept. We attended every Grand Opening and although we have a great support staff, every franchisee knows how to reach Patrick and myself personally.

Knowing what a big step franchising is for first-time investors, what is the best advice you can give to a potential franchisee that would help them feel more confident about moving forward with Monster Mini Golf Franchise?

Listen to your own gut feeling, and know that the only person who wants you to succeed as much as you do is us. Seems easy but is the hardest advice to follow.

What are the top 3 things new franchisees should have in place before contacting Monster Mini Golf franchise for an application?

First, energy and determination. Second, ability to listen and continue learning as long as they are on this earth. Third, acquire the Funds Necessary to open their doors.

What qualities are most important to Monster Mini Golf Franchise when reviewing a potential franchisee's application?

The answers to our questionnaire. But we really make our decision when we take the time to meet and sit with our potential franchisees. Those that think they already know everything and have great advice on how to change our business need not apply.

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